Three out of Five Unions Representing 75% of Employees Have Signed Agreement to Ensure a Sustainable Future for the Site in Zaragoza


Rüsselsheim.  With the aim of improving Zaragoza manufacturing performance in a competitive environment, Management and a majority of the Opel Spain Works Council have reached a framework collective agreement as part of the Contract Labour Negotiations today. Three out of five unions representing 75% of the employees have signed the settlement.

Nonetheless, employees need to ratify the agreement by means of a ballot. The agreement covers the period 2018 to 2022 and will put Zaragoza in line with the overall dynamic of Groupe PSA in Spain. In 2017, Groupe PSA produced 876,672 vehicles from 12 different models in the Vigo, Zaragoza and Madrid production centres and was the leading car manufacturer in Spain with a 31% share of total production and exportations of 86.8%.

The company is convinced that the employees will understand the need to secure the future of the site through the performance plan which will pave the way for new investments and projects to be allocated to Zaragoza by Groupe PSA.